• New Music Norway Tour

    • Impossible Situations at Ny Musikk Bodø, 17 November 2018, Stormen Konserthus, Bodø (NO)

    • Impossible Situations at Ny Musikk Nordland, 19 November 2018, Kulturfabrikken, Sortlandet (NO)

    • Impossible Situations at Ny Musikk Oslo: Workshop with Duo Hellqvist/Amaral, Ellen Inga, Max Sauer, Filippa Berglund, Lars Petter Hagen and Øyvind Torvund, 10-12 December at Bruket, Oslo (NO). Concert 12 December 2018 at Bruket, Oslo (NO),

    • Impossible Situations at Ny Musikk Bergen, 13 December at Gimle, Bergen (NO).

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  • ECLAT Festival Stuttgart, 2019: Unneccessary Complicated - new Musiktheater work in collaboration with Ricardo Eizirik. Part of the project Impossible Situations.

  • Scandinavia House New York: Spring 2019. Presentation of the project Disobediences in Sound.

  • Ny Musikk Norge: Fall 2018. Tour of the project Impossible Situations.

  • CMMAS Mexico: Fall 2018. New works for violin, piano and electronics. Part of the project Disobediences in Sound.

  • Japan Tour: July 2018. Venues tba.

  • Korea Tour: July 2018. With Sori Choi, Korean percussion. New works by Esaias Järnegard, José Maria Sánchez-Verdú, Sven Lyder Kahrs and Richard Carrick. Concerts at a.o. One Month Festival (House Concert, Seoul).

  • SPOR Festival Århus, May 2018: New work by Lars Petter Hagen (WP) and works by Catherine Lamb, Ida Lundén and Daniel Moreira. Part of the project Impossible Situations.

  • Festival Mixtur Barcelona: April 2018. Repertoire tba.

  • Impossible Situations at Cycle Music and Arts Festival (ISL): 9-11.9 from 11-18h Open workshop with Duo Hellqvist/Amaral, Ida Lundén, Max Sauer, Filippa Berglund and Marina Rosenfeld at the Kopavugur Art Museum. 12.9 at 20h Concert with works by Marina Rosenfeld (WP of My red red blood in duo-version) , Ida Lundén (WP) and Øyvind Torvund.

  • Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, 8 May 2017 with HAHB Quartet. Performance of "An Overall Augmented Sense of Being", a new work by Radcliffe Fellow Anthony Tan.

  • Kontraklang Berlin,  20 February 2017: Works by Øyvind Torvund, Kaj Duncan David, Natasha Barrett, Johannes Kreidler and Carola Bauckholt. Part of the project Impossible Situations

  • EAU-series at Marmorsalen/Sentralen, Oslo: 10 December 2016. Duo Hellqvist/Amaral and Natasha Barrett perform Barrett's Allure and Hoodwink.

  • Klang Festival Copenhagen, June 2016.  Works by Øyvind Torvund, Kaj Duncan David and Johannes Kreidler. Part of the project Impossible Situations

  • Orpheus Institute Ghent, Belgium. June 2016. Workshop and presentation on the collaboration between performers/composers. With Duo Hellqvist/Amaral, Kaj Duncan David and Øyvind Torvund. 

  • Spectrum New York, April 2016

  • Khimaira Stockholm, October 2015

  • House Concert Seoul, October 2015 (Supported by Music Norway)

  • Café Seoungsu, Korea, October 2015 (Supported by Music Norway)

  • UNTREF University Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 24th 2015 (Supported by Music Norway)

  • conDiT Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 19th 2015 (Supported by Music Norway)

  • Harvard University Boston, May 9-13th 2015, Quartet Hellqvist/Amaral/Hyde/Bierstone

  • Villa Romana Florence, June 14th 2014 (Supported by Music Norway)

  • International Image Festival Manizales, May 6th 2014 (Supported by Music Norway)

    Duo Hellqvist/Amaral and Yumi Murakami, flute

  • National Museum of Colombia, May 7th 2014 (Supported by Music Norway)

    Duo Hellqvist/Amaral and Yumi Murakami, flute

  • Borealis Festival Bergen, opening concert, March 19th 2014

    Duo Hellqvist/Amaral premieres Free Exercise for solo piano/violin  and military band by Marina Rosenfeld. With Forsvarets Musikkorps Vestlandet

  • Borealis Festival Bergen, March 19th 2014

    Duo Hellqvist/Amaral and Natasha Barrett (live electronics)

  • Norwegian Centre for Technology in Music and the Arts/Norwegian Academy of Music, October 26-28th 2013

    Duo Hellqvist/Amaral presents a new work for violin, piano and laptop network by Giuliano Obici.

  • Magnet Festival Vara, October 20th 2013

  • Tour in Brasil and Colombia,  (Supported by Music Norway)

    Universidad do Rio de Janeiro UNIRIO, Préludio 21, Musica em Pauta Sao Paulo, Universidad do Sao Paulo USP, Universidade de Campinas UNICAMP, Universidad Javeriana Bogota, Colombian Contemporary Music Circle, Bogota

  • Bidrobon Concert Series Oslo November 2012

  • International Summer Course for new Music Darmstadt, July 2012

  • Ny Musikk Bergen, March 22nd 2012

  • Tou Camp Festival Stavanger, June 8th 2012

  • Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, September 14th 2011




Quartet Hellqvist/Amaral/Hyde/Bierstone presents chamber music works by Radcliffe fellow Mauricio Pauly (2015) and Anthony Tan (2017). The project will be further developed with new music by UK composers and a recording at Radcliffe Institute in 2017.


Duo Hellqvist/Amaral tours Brasil in  2013 with several concerts and educational activities including USP University of Sao Paulo, UNICAMP University of Campinas, UNIRIO Rio de Janeriro, Preludio21 Concert Series, Musica em Pauta na APM Concert Series, Colombian Contemporary Music Circle. New activities are planned for 2017. WIth the support of music Norway.


Duo Hellqvist/Amaral visits Bogota (2014-15) and Manizales International Image Festival (2015) presenting new Colombian and Scandinavian repertoire with additional masterclasses at Javeriana University, Bogota. With the support of Music Norway.

KOREA – SEOUL 2014-2018

Duo Hellqvist/Amaral (in 2014 with Yumi Murakami, flute) were invited by House Concert Seoul to give concerts in 2014 and 2015. In 2018 they will come back to Korea as part of the One Month Festival. This tour will also mark the debut of HELLQVIST/CHOI/AMARAL, a trio with traditional Korean percussion play Sori Choi. With the support of Music Norway. 


Duo Hellqvist/Amaral residency at cheLA, conDIT at the Districto Tecnologico in  Buenos Aires, presenting new Argentinian and Scandinavian music. Additional concert and workshop at UNTREF University, Buenos Aires.  With the support of Music Norway,