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  • Luciano Azzigotti (AR): new work for violin, piano and sensors, 2016
  • Marina Rosenfeld (US): My Red, Red Blood, version for violin, piano, video and sound, 2016
  • Lars Petter Hagen (NO): new work for violin, piano, 2017
  • Simon Løffler (DK): new work for violinist and pianist, 2017
  • Fernando Manassero (AR): new work for violin, piano and electronics, 2016
  • Kent Olofsson (SE): new work for violin, piano and electronics, 2016
  • Ida Lundén (SE): new work for violin and piano, 2017
  • Øyvind Torvund (NO): Plans for future pieces for violin & piano, 2016
  • Kaj Duncan David (DK): Miniatures for violin, keyboard electronics and four light bulbs, 2016
  • Santiago Diez Fischer (AR): El dragon pinta paisajes for violin and piano, 2015
  • Ariel Gonzales Losada (AR): El abismal silencio de la cosa for violin and piano, 2015
  • Marina Rosenfeld (US): Free Excersise for violin, piano, wind orchestra and sound, 2014
  • Giuliano Obici (BR): Meta Chamber Music for violin, piano and Simulacrum Orchestra, 2013
  • Natasha Barrett (UK): Allure and Hoodwink for violin, piano and live electronics, 2014
  • Petr Bakla (CZ): Three Instances for violin and piano, 2011
  • Carolina Noguera Palau (CO): Furias for violin and piano, 2011
  • Daniel Puig (BR): Luz for violin and piano, 2013
  • Eivind Buene (NO): Untitled for violin and piano, 2013
  • Marcos Vieira Lucas (BR): Arder for violin and piano, 2014
  • Sergio Roberto de Oliveira (BR): Eucalipto for violin and piano, 2013
  • J. Orlando Alves (BR): Introspecções N. 1 for violin and piano, 2013
  • Alexandre Schubert (BR): Duas Miniaturas for violin and piano, 2013
  • Caio Senna (BR): A escala espiral for violin and piano, 2013
  • Daniel Moreira (BR): new work, 2017
  • Martin Rane Bauck (NO): new work 2016
  • Ragnhild Berstad (NO): new work, 2017



  • Mauricio Pauly (UK): new quartet for Hellqvist/Amaral/Hyde/Bierstone, 2017
  • Esaias Järnegard (SE): new work for violin, piano and Korean percussion, 2017
  • Sven Lyder Kahrs (NO): new work for violin, piano and Korean percussion, 2017
  • José Maria Sanchez-Verdu (SP): new work for violin, piano and Korean percussion, 2017

Repertoire highlights


  • IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS (IS:CNE)    -   See project page


In addition to new commissions, Duo Hellqvist/Amaral regularly includes works from the past in their projects and concerts. The Iannis Xenakis masterpiece Dikhthas from 1979 was the first work performed by the duo in its debut concert in 2011 and has since served as an aesthetic framework the exploration of the dual nature of the violin-piano formation. Among the classics often juxtaposed to new repertoire are:  

Iannis Xenakis: Dikthas (1979)

Leoš Janáček: Sonata (1914)

Johannes Brahms: Sonata nr.1 Op 78 in G major (1879)

Arnold Schönberg: Phantasy Op 47 (1949)

J. S. Bach: Sonatas for violin and harpsichord



Together with composers Mauricio Pauly (CR) and Santiago Diez Fischer, Duo Hellqvist/Amaral explores the boundaries of their instruments and look for new extended instrumental techniques. Pieces included in the project have focused on inside piano techniques, lo-fi electronics, scordatura, objects found in every day life, guitar pedals and more.

The pieces have been presented at Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University and conDiT Buenos Aires.  Composer Eivind Buene is also part of the project, with his Untitled (2014), a work that includes a lyrical but uncanny study for inside piano echoing Mozart and following City Silence, meditative violin solo.



Duo Hellqvist/Amaral has a special interest for live electronic works that deal with room spatialisation and live processing. Composers currently involved in the project are Natasha Barrett (UK/NO) and Kent Olofsson (SE).